Has Netflix called this one right?

With the fairly unexpected success of 2018’s Bumblebee — a wonder-filled and heart-driven Spielberg-esque take on the franchise template with a deserved 93% on Rotten TomatoesTransformers movies were saved from a long run of poor form that tried (and failed) to mix the classic “monster with a heart of gold” trope with the Fast & Furious films.

And, with a gap in the market now opening up with the impending end of the Avengers franchise, at least as e know it, it looks like the 80s toys could be set to replace the 60s comics as the new go-to.

According to @NXOnNetflix, the streaming service is set to release a new trilogy — The War For Cybertron, due in 2020 — and will feature a new style of animation as well as giving more background to the franchise’a heroes and villains — the Autobots and Decepticons, respectively.

It’ll be a familiar format for superhero movie fans and TV shows, those who have gotten used to mediocre standalone films created to test the waters with a character or a group or with a new actor before dropping a big-budget universe-expanding version: Thor had its moments and so did Doctor Strange, although few and far between, but neither would have made it into production if there weren’t an Avengers movie or three in the works.

In that vein, we can consider the first five (yes, there were five) Transformers movies — a franchise which stalled under Shia LaBeouf and crashed completely under Mark Wahlberg — to be that toe in the very tepid water; your Ben Affleck Daredevil or Eric Bana Incredible Hulk.

Stay tuned for further details. And, in the meantime, is Ben Affleck’s departure from Batman a mistake?