Along with the recent Suicide Squad cast.

With former Guardians of the Galaxy writer and director James Gunn having been drafted in to script the upcoming Suicide Squad sequel, aside from being something of a swipe at Disney, it seems the move has another unexpected knock-on effect.

With Gunn at the helm, Jared Leto’s role as The Joker has apparently come to an end earlier than previously expected, with Margot Robbie’s turn as Harley Quinn also set to peter out ahead of schedule.

According to Forbes, not only will both the proposed Joker and Harley Quinn and planned stand-alone Joker film not be going ahead, but Suicide Squad 2 will be a “soft reboot” — with a new cast, not including Robbie or Will Smith.

With Joaquin Phoenix set to star alongside Robert De Niro as the titular Joker in Todd Phillips’ upcoming movie, keeping Leto on and his proposed movies green-lit to serve, at best, as bench warmers for the franchise’s star players and prestige films would not only seem redundant but also risk unnecessary confusion at a time when DC is looking to capitalise on the unprecedented success of Aquaman and catch up with Marvel.

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