Is it time to start worrying about “It: Chapter Two”?

It dir. Andy Muschietti 2017

It: Chapter Two may already be in trouble after the posting of a potentially revealing tweet.

Andy Muschietti’s adaptation of It delighted audiences in 2017 and it’s far from over yet. It was announced early on that the director’s interpretation of the lengthy book would span two feature films and this year we’re so ready to see his vision completed. The first film was one of the best horror films of the year with a phenomenal young cast at its very heart; it’s why it worked so well. However, the second instalment - It: Chapter Two - will follow the Losers’ Club as adults as they return to the fictional town of Derry to defeat the monstrous force which presented itself as Pennywise in the first film.

It may run into issues, as the 1990 TV mini-series of the same name took a similar approach with the second half spinning into adulthood and suffering for it. The characters just didn’t have the charm that they did in their youth and it was easy to believe they were scared as kids. Muschietti’s film had good performances and creativity but severely lacked any scary material. The second film needs a strong central cast and absolutely needs to be scary to offer fans a worthy sequel. On the other hand, a recent tweet has surfaced which suggests the film has other pressing concerns:

 Now, this can’t exactly be taken as fact. For starters, if this Twitter user did, in fact, see It: Chapter Two then it was likely an early test screening, which generally offers to help shape the final film rather than indicate how it will actually be. So, if the cut they saw was three-hours there is no reason to assume that the final cut we are due to see in cinemas will conform to this length. However, it’s more likely than most may think.

The first one was a solid, enjoyable piece of work. It’s two pressing issues were a lack of scares and length. At 135 minutes it was a little drawn out and it could definitely have been cut down to a comfortable 115 minutes for a more efficient, slick horror vehicle. Sequels often tend to be longer and as this is - supposed to be - the concluding chapter we can expect Muschietti to be a little indulgent with the farewells. With this in mind, we’d already be looking at something like a 150-minute runtime, yet it could easily be lengthier. There is no proof that this tweet holds any truth, yet its indication of the film’s length is hardly difficult to believe.

 The success of the first film has attracted names like Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy and Bill Hader to take lead roles in the project. It does seem likely that with bigger stars the film will take on a more ambitious stance towards the source material and this could definitely reflect on the length of the film. Personally, the idea of an almost three-hour version of It: Chapter Two seems a little excessive. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t take me by surprise with a justifiably long cut - it definitely could warrant such a runtime. We’ll all just have to wait and see, but come on, where is this trailer already?

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