The original Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System has just been sold for a record six-figures.

According to Kotaku, a sealed first edition copy of Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System was recently sold for a hefty $100, 150. As if this figure wasn’t shocking enough, experts in the field of classic game collecting are saying that this deal is the first six-figure transaction for a single game.

Apparently, the previous highest-selling game of all time was also a copy of the original Super Mario Bros. sold back in 2017 for over $30,000. As for what caused the massive increase in price, apparently the difference comes down to a tiny sticker.

Between 1985 and 1986, when they were test-marketing the NES in New York and Los Angeles, Nintendo only sealed their sold games with a black foil sticker to keep the top flap closed. So, a black foil sticker rather than shrink-wrapping apparently justifies an increase in price of $70,000.

If you’d rather not pay such extravagant fees for your Nintendo entertainment, then you’ll pleased to know that the company’s most recent Direct showcased a bunch of new and exciting games for the Switch in 2019 and beyond. An extended version of Dragon Quest XI is coming to the Switch before the end of the year, and Persona 5’s Joker will spring into the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate colosseum very soon.