Has the slasher film found a new icon in Art the Clown?

Terrifier dir. Damien Leone 2016

The slasher sub-genre seems to have struck gold with Terrifier's nightmarish Art the Clown.

Every so often a slasher film can come along which encapsulates everything that you love about the genre; with a few added twists of its own, of course. Since the days of Michael Powell's innovative Peeping Tom, we have seen filmmakers come to justify the coinage of the slasher sub-genre and contribute a wealth of ideas within it. Over the years we have seen it stalk the streets with John Carpenter's Halloween and invade dreams with Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street. Then, the latter reinvented it. Scream changed everything and - arguably - remains the most entertaining film to emerge from the genre. 

It's a bold statement, sure. However, it just remains so wonderfully engaging, observant and has left behind an irrevocable legacy. As with all genres, the slasher film has left behind so many gems which have grown a cult following and further appreciation over the years. As someone with a fascinated interest, it's sometimes interesting to look to the future and predict which modern efforts will be considered slasher classics by new audiences. 

Over the twenty-first century so far, the franchise which stands out as the most important is the Hatchet series. Adam Green's 2006 film gave birth to the modern horror icon of Victor Crowley. The film quickly gained a fanbase which admired the film's throwback to the golden age of the genre - the eighties. It balanced humour and horror perfectly and has since gone on to spawn three sequels, two of which were directed by Green. Each entry remains so much fun, but personally, the original remains one of the foremost horror highlights in many years. 

So, what else is there? It's tough, but it looks like we're witnessing a similar success story in the making with Damien Leone's Terrifier. If you haven't seen it, you certainly should. Here's a trailer: 

As reported by Bloody Disgusting, Art the Clown will return in Terrifier 2 and Leone has completed a script. The first film has already spawned cosplay and merchandise; there are an overwhelming amount of fond fans who can't get enough of the film's uncompromised approach to the genre. It's gory, it's fun, it's back-to-basics approach is refreshing and yet it still manages to bring its own unique twists and turns. Already, David Howard Thornton's Art is becoming instantly recognisable to genre enthusiasts; a sequel will only see the character cement itself further. 

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If you’re upset you didn’t win the funko giveaway, maybe this will cheer you up... I have officially completed the script to TERRIFIER 2 and it is $&?!#%* INSANE Unfortunately, that is the only confirmation I can give right now but rest assured we’re working hard to bring you more Terrifier as soon as possible and I’m veryyy excited for you to see where Art’s diabolical journey goes from here! He’s back. And He’s badder than ever. #terrifier2 #arttheclown #allhallowseve #terrifier #writer #screenplay #writtenby #artsback #artreturns #clown #clowns #killerclown #killerclowns #scaryclown #scaryclowns #halloween #writer #slasher #epic #slasherrevolution #terrifierpart2 #thesagacontinues #screenwriting #screenwriter

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The film continues to attract more audiences at this very moment and it's hard to think of other recent slasher films which have attracted this level of excitement and faith for future instalments. It could be that the second one doesn't quite get the same amount of praise from slasher devotees, but as respect for the first film increases it's likely that a sequel will be eagerly embraced. It's early to say, but over the last twenty years of slasher output, Victor Crowley and Art the Clown have the most potential to achieve icon status. Just a thought...

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