Atlus are nearly ready to allow Persona 5’s Joker to wreak havoc in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate colosseum.

The Nintendo Direct was a superb 35-minute highlight reel of new and upcoming games coming to the Switch in 2019 and beyond. Although we unfortunately didn’t get to see any of Joker’s moveset and versatility, we at least got confirmation that the Phantom Thieves’ leader from Atlus’ Persona 5 will be springing into action at the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate colosseum sometime before April.

With Atlus having been announced for Sega Fes 2019, it’s possible the world’s slickest thief will become available to download on March 30-31. Nintendo’s Direct didn’t reveal too much of Joker, but it did show him holding a dagger, suggesting this will be a weapon in his arsenal along with – presumably – his toy gun and main persona, Arsene.

Joker will release alongside the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Ver 3.0 update, and he will be arriving sometime before April.

In other Atlus news, a manga has been announced for Catherine: Full Body, and – if you’re not sensitive to major spoilers – you can find out about Rin’s shocking identity here.