It has been ten years since the Friday the 13th remake and Jason remains absent.

There are so many beloved, iconic horror franchises but Friday the 13th perhaps stands out as having the most devoted following of all. There were eight Friday the 13th films between 1980 and 1989, giving fans a whole decade of Jason Voorhees. Then in 1993, Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday was released, ceasing the franchise until its most bizarre and debated entry, 2001’s Jason X.

The franchise’s future ran into further trouble after this, with the ambitious crossover of Ronny Yu’s Freddy vs. Jason offering its only hope of salvation. Needless to say, it wasn’t exactly the film genre fans expected. Yet – like all of the entries before it – it earned a cult following. Friday the 13th has always been a fan franchise; every single film has been critically degraded, but they always find a place with their true audience.

Six years after Freddy vs. Jason we saw Voorhees rebooted in Marcus Nispel‘s 2009 film Friday the 13th. He directed the rather satisfying remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in 2003, of which earned a prequel three years after. Friday the 13th, however, seemed to end here. So many rumours and potential projects have posed themselves to be promising over the years, but ten years later we have yet to see an entry; the longest absence since the franchise began. If there’s one thing the films have taught us, it’s that Jason never stays down – but has Friday the 13th?

For fans, this is a pretty sad thought. Anyone who has been to a marathon in a packed out cinema will know how much the audience loves these films. They’re cheesy, fun, thrilling, hilarious, inventive and offer a comforting familiarity to most genre lovers. It’s actually a little depressing seeing the series lay dormant for so long. Although there’s yet to be more concrete confirmation, it seems like Warner Bros. – this will be their first entry – are planning a new reboot forty years after the original premiered, for 2020.

It would make sense to celebrate the anniversary of the original with a new film, and there’s definitely potential. Over the years numerous directors have expressed interest in the project, including the likes of Quentin Tarantino. Although it’s quite clear that he’s not going to direct, the best person for the job would have to be Vincente DiSanti. Heard of him? Perhaps not; he’s not exactly Tarantino, but he directed a film called Never Hike Alone that you can watch below:

It’s a fan film and unofficial entry into the Friday the 13th universe, but that hasn’t stopped some fans declaring it the best Jason Voorhees film in decades. It comes in at just under an hour and leaves a hell of an impact – it’s well shot, directed, performed and it’s unquestionably Friday the 13th. It boasts a much darker, less playful tone which is arguably perfect for a reboot. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely he’ll get the gig, but if he did helm it the franchise would definitely be in safe hands with the right surrounding crew.

Hopefully some details and marketing surrounding the 2020 reboot surface soon. We’re so ready for the long-awaited resurrection of the one-and-only Jason Voorhees.

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