Despite not starring Brad Pitt, the World War Z video game is ready to slug it out with PlayStation 4’s Days Gone in April.

Saber Interactive have revealed that their upcoming player-versus-zombie World War Z game is being released just ten days before Sony’s PlayStation 4 exclusive, Days Gone. This is a bold and perhaps disastrous move as the title will most likely be overshadowed and squashed by the AAA zombie game that has had way more marketing and a much bigger presence.

The developers of World War Z have also released a new trailer that showcases a mode called ‘Players vs. Players vs. Zombies’. As the name suggests, it’s an online mosh pit where teams of humans battle each other along with a swarm of zombies to complete a variety of competitive missions.

While the mode certainly looks chaotic and fun, the decision to release the game just ten days before Days Gone is brave but almost definitely foolish. With them both being zombie games, you’d imagine that PlayStation 4 gamers will choose one over the other, and it’s pretty much guaranteed that the majority will pick the exclusive that enables them to kill zombies as a Sons of Anarchy reject.

World War Z launches April 16 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, while Days Gone arrives on April 26 for the PlayStation 4 only.

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