“Aquaman 2” gets exciting updates


It looks like the Atlantean hero is back for Aquaman 2, along with others.

Aquaman quickly became one of the biggest success stories of 2018 when it hit cinemas last November. Audiences invested in the DCEU were hoping for a miracle; could Aquaman be the film to break the studio's string of disappointments? The answer was a resounding yes, as it was a hit with casual audiences and went on to become the highest grossing DC film of all time, overtaking Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises just recently. However, that's not all, as reports suggest that it has gone on to become the highest-grossing international stand-alone superhero film of all time, overtaking Marvel's Iron man 3

Everyone found it to be great fun, with most championing Jason Momoa’s charismatic performance as the titular Aquaman. It’s no surprise that a sequel was announced, what is surprising, however, is how long it took them to confirm details.

A while ago a sequel was reported to be in development, with very limited information. According to Digital SpyJames Wan - director of the first film - wanted a truly terrific script before going ahead more seriously with the project. Co-writer of Aquaman, David Leslie Johnson McGoldrick, has now been hired to work on the sequel and apparently Wan is in talks to return as the film’s producer. It’s certainly a possibility that he could direct, although as we’re expecting The Conjuring output from him, he may just be too busy.

In other news, the release of It: Chapter Two will be an accompanied by an illustrative companion

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