Amazon is selling “Red Dead Redemption 2” for only £36

Red Dead Redemption 2 Sadie

Amazon is giving every no-good imbecile who skipped Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption 2 the opportunity to redeem themselves.

Eurogamer reports that Rockstar’s most recent masterpiece Red Dead Redemption 2 is being sold on Amazon in the United Kingdom for only £36. If for some reason you never returned to the wild west to experience the downfall of the Van Der Linde gang, then here’s your best chance to make up for your stupidity.

Although Red Dead Redemption 2 received some flack from The Last Of Us’ director, it was 2018’s best game, and it’s the greatest open-world title since The Witcher 3 thanks to its unpredictable and alive landscape. Not many players have made it through to the end, but the game’s narrative is also Rockstar’s best with Arthur’s tale of absolution being an unforgettable story with some of the industry's best pacing. 

The biggest issue with Red Dead Redemption 2 was undoubtedly its good, bad, and ugly online mode. Despite the mode having been improved with a better economy, it is a feature that makes Rockstar very much alike their disgraced antagonist, Dutch. Still, the single-player campaign alone is worth the full retail price, let alone a heavily discounted one.

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