The sequel to 2014’s The Lego Movie has failed to live up to expectations as the box office numbers are in

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part hit cinemas on Friday, February 8 and has performed below expectations on its opening weekend.

The first Lego film made its $60m budget back and more on its opening weekend in 2014, with an impressive gross of $69m. However, its sequel has bombed in comparison, only raking in half of its predecessor’s total with an opening weekend gross of $34.4m in the US.

What’s worse for The Lego Movie 2 is that its budget of $100m means it has to pull in more money to break even.

It’s a shame for the film directed by Mike Mitchell as The Lego Movie 2 is another success and brilliantly continues the story of the first film in a charming sequel. 

But why has the Lego Movie sequel fallen flat at the box office?

To put it simply, over saturation. When The Lego movie hit cinemas in 2014 it was a huge hit and something audiences hadn’t seen before. 

Now, five years down the line and The Lego Movie 2 is actually the fourth brick-based film we’ve had in the last half-decade.

The most obvious reason for the flop is that fans have become tired of the franchise. 

2014’s The Lego Movie was a huge surprise among fans and critics alike for just how awesome it was. In 2017 we got both The Lego Batman Movie, which performed well with an opening of $53m, and The Lego Ninjago Movie which flopped with an opening gross of $20m.

It’s not a great sign for the franchise that the main film in the series has failed to perform at the box office.

With a second Lego Batman Movie confirmed to be in production as well, it’ll be interesting to see how the franchise moves forward in future.

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