The trailer for the Child’s Play reboot dropped yesterday, and it has already proven divisive.

Director Lars Klevberg is bringing back the killer doll with his brand new vision for the franchise. Since Tom Holland’s original – of the same name – in 1988, we have seen Chucky on screen numerous times and in different ways. They’ve taken the more comedic approach with Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky, but also more recently they’ve tried to reform the series back to its more traditional horror roots.

Although each effort of the franchise has achieved something in its own right, the series hasn’t drawn in mass audiences in the way studio heads know it could. So, in an attempt to take Chucky from straight-to-DVD to box-office success, we’re going back with Child’s Play.

The plot synopsis conforms to the original. But, does the trailer conform to what we’d have expected a modern reimagining of Child’s Play to be? It suggests that the film is more of a riff on the dangers of modern technology; this is something they’ll be sure to elaborate on. Whereas in the original, the doll was possessed by a serial killer. Now, this could definitely still be the case with Klevberg’s film, but honestly, it doesn’t look to be the case.

Chucky – now a “Buddi” doll – is technologically advanced; a smart toy. The first half of the trailer places an emphasis on gadgets and technological advancement in the realm of the entertainment industry. Throughout the trailer, it seems as though Chucky may be a killer robot with a primary malfunction, somewhat of a miniature terminator. Perhaps the idea of a possessed doll sounded a little goofy for the more sincere tone they were approaching. So, instead, it looks like the supernatural could be replaced with social commentary.

Some fans aren’t exactly happy with this proposal. To change Chucky’s nature – the DNA of the character if you will – so drastically has caused certain viewers to label the film disrespectful of the beloved film series. Surely it can’t just be a misleading trailer? Fans have been waiting so long to see some footage, and we’d guess that the trailer which dropped yesterday received excessive consideration before reaching us. Chucky is a horror icon and one of the majors at that, so the idea of him becoming just a gadget is a little worrying.

The fact that killer Charles Lee Ray found himself in the restrictive body of a doll is what made things interesting in 1988. Now, we could even have app-based powers to fear. Franchise royalty Jennifer Tilly has had her own say:

It’s likely she has the same reservations. The trailer boasts a certain atmosphere, but when one stops to think about the way Chucky is being teased, worries begin to seep in. There’s still the chance our suspicions could be debunked with new footage, but it would certainly be surprising. Let’s just see how Chucky works when Child’s Play hits cinemas June 21, 2019.

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