The Aubrey Plaza-starring remake gets its first trailer ahead of June 21 release date.

In 1988, with the release of Child’s Play director Tom Holland and writer Dan Mancini captivated and terrified audiences around the world by reminding them of something they already knew: dolls — they’re scary.

Of course, Child’s Play wasn’t the first: there was the clown in Poltergeist some six years earlier. And it wasn’t the last: R.L. Stein’s Goosebumps series has a book, Night of the Living Dummy, dedicated to exactly this and Joe Dante’s Small Soldiers, though wildly different in approach, was rife with moments of uncanny horror.

And, of course, there’s all sorts of complex psychological and anthropological concerns at at play when it comes to imbuing inanimate objects with special power — totemism, archetypes, etc. — but, in this case at least, it all really boils down to one thing: if you give a doll human characteristics, particularly the soul of a notorious serial killer, that’s justifiably going to frighten people.

All this adds up to a whole lot of terrified cinema-goers, what I’m sure must amount to an impressive army of duly-binned dolls — which, in itself, seems worthy of a dedicated horror movie — and, most importantly, $44 million USD against a production budget of $9 million USD.

With all that in mind, even though the original franchise is still going — now on its sixth sequel, having grossed $182 million USD worldwide from the movies alone — it’s perhaps no surprise that a reboot is on its way. While not part of the original franchise, Don Mancini having declined to be involved, Child’s Play has been handed over to Lars Klevberg, director of Polaroid and the premise (which, in various guises, has been around since long before 1988) remains much the same. Because, even in 2019, there’s still not much scarier than a killer doll.

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