Atlus’ have again defied expectations as Catherine: Full Body’s Rin is not what anybody would expect.

Catherine: Full Body aptly launches on Valentines Day in Japan, while the west is forced to wait for Atlus to announce a release date. Unfortunately, this means that a bevy of spoilers will be leaked before most people are able to experience the sheer horror of being wanted by three anime girls. One of these spoilers includes the identity of Vincent’s newest bit on the side, Rin.

Massive spoilers beyond this point

Most of the speculation about Rin’s identity has involved her being a “trap”. Much like Erica (previously known as Eric), the internet was positive that Rin was going to be an insensitive portrayal of trans women. However, as you should expect from Atlus, Rin’s true identity isn’t so predictable and is instead incredibly bonkers.

Leaked on Reddit by user HattyMikune, a story scene where Vincent presumably chooses Rin over Catherine and Katherine shows that the pink-haired lass isn’t a trans woman or an angel, but instead an alien. If you wish to see the video over at Reddit, you’ll find that Rin belongs to a species of aliens that resemble the infuriating Hollywood cash-cows, Minions.

A new trailer for Catherine: Full Body confirms an April 25 release date for Korea and China, but unfortunately the rest of us will have to wait until Atlus makes an announcement for the west (possibly at Sega Fes 2019).

In other Catherine: Full Body news, the game allows you to play as Katherine, Catherine, Rin, Erica, Boss, and Persona 5’s Joker in the Babel and Colosseum modes, and Famitsu has bizarrely given Atlus’ remake a lower review score than the original.