Disaster artist Tommy Wiseau is ready to bring his latest vision – Big Shark – to life.

Tommy Wiseau achieved instant attention when his directorial feature debut The Room graced the landscape of cult cinema. Recently, James Franco portrayed the eccentric in his 2017 self-directed film The Disaster Artist, based on the book of the same name written by Wiseau’s co-star and friend Greg Sestero. It was a critical success and has resulted in Wiseau – along with his peculiar achievement – gaining much more exposure. 

The Room is one of the most fascinating cinematic curiosities to emerge since Edward D. Wood Jr.’s Plan 9 from Outer Space. It continues to sell out screenings to this day, with Sestero and Wiseau regularly touring the film. They actually collaborated on a project more recently, starring alongside one another in Best F(r)iends volumes 1 & 2. It wasn’t exactly The Room, but the first instalment proved fascinating nonetheless. With Big Shark, however, we’re absolutely baffled. 

 According to HypeBeast, the teaser trailer itself was teased during a screening of The Room at its unofficial home; London’s The Prince Charles Cinema. Apparently, it will be a horror film about sharks terrorising New Orleans – bizarre to us, but in Wiseau’s mind, surely deeply profound. It is expected to arrive in September.

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