The director of Final Fantasy 14 wants Square Enix to drop the machinery and mecha for Final Fantasy 16.

In comparison to the series’ history, Square Enix’s recent instalments for Final Fantasy have been atrocious. Final Fantasy 13 was a “hallway simulator” abomination that physically hurt to watch as it played itself, and Final Fantasy 15 was an underwhelming lads trip compared to what was shown of Tetsuya Nomura’s Versus 13. So, with all that being said, the inevitable Final Fantasy 16 has the difficult task of putting the series back on track. And, according to Final Fantasy 14 director Naoki Yoshida, this would be done by scrapping all the science fiction for pure fantasy.

“Huh? Hmm, you guys are asking some tough questions,” Yoshida laughed when asked by a fan what kind of elements Final Fantasy 16 should feature (via Siliconera). “That’s funny, I thought FanFests were supposed to be fun, but here we are with this super hard question [laughs]… personally speaking, I’d like to see a Final Fantasy that is straightforward fantasy, one that doesn’t have much machinery, and with no mecha in it.”

Final Fantasy 7 and 8 are two of the series’ best entries brimming with science-fiction, but it would be nice for Square Enix to take the franchise back to its heavy fantasy roots. That and the next Final Fantasy needs to embrace being a turn-based JRPG so it doesn’t end up being another janky mess designed to replace the fanbase with mainstream audiences.

In other Final Fantasy news, sullen prince Noctis is joining Final Fantasy 14, and there’s a heart-breaking easter egg in Kingdom Hearts 3 despite a lack of spikey haired and angsty protagonists with giant swords.