The hit show is set to return after a two-year wait and teases season 8 big-time with these 15 new images…

With 65 days until the April 14 air date (at the time of writing), the Game of Thrones marketing machine has just gone up another gear.

HBO have released a staggering 15 images from the new season that give us our first real glimpse of the show’s main players before we discover their fate in little over two months time.

There’s plenty to take in here and the images do plenty to tease the final season of the HBO show.

The first thing to notice in the new batch of pictures is the closeness of Daenerys and Jon who, despite being revealed as aunt and nephew, got it on at the end of season 7.

Whether or not they’ll discover their familial bond will certainly be a big question mark hanging over season 8 when it airs in April.

As well as their images together, Jon and Dany feature in their own separate photos too.

Contrast to our two main heroes, we get two images of Queen Cersei who’ll be doing all she can to maintain her grip on the Iron Throne in the final season.

We also see a rather smug-looking Jaime Lannister, without his gold-plated, Lion-bearing armour. He ended the last season by deserting Cersei and rode north to assist Jon and Dany. Could this image be taken at Winterfell?

Also returning is fan-favourite Tyrion Lannister, although the much-loved half-man is looking rather forlorn here.

Arya’s journey from hot-headed and feisty child into the cool and calculated assassin she’s become has been one of the bigger character shifts throughout the series. Will she be able to check off any more names from her list in season 8? 

Sansa made the mantle of Lady of Winterfell her own in season 7. Who knows what the final season has in store for the eldest Stark sister?

Bran gave up his title as a Stark when he became the Three-Eyed Raven in season 6. Will his powers aid the cause as the White Walkers draw ever nearer in season 8?

Brienne of Tarth was last seen in the service of the Stark sisters at Winterfell. In seasons 6 and 7 she’d caught the attention of wide-eyed Wilding, Tormund, will we see their relationship develop in season 8?

Davos Seaworth has been serving Jon Snow loyally since Stannis Baratheon fell at the hands of the Boltons and Brienne of Tarth in season 5. 

The ultimate spy-master, Varys, was in his element in the political war ground of King’s Landing but how will he fare with the approaching White Walker horde?

And lastly we have the most unlikely of heroes, Samwell Tarley. In the closing moments of season 7 he and Gilly discovered Jon’s true lineage and could have a crucial role to play in who ends up on the Iron Throne.

And there we have it. Now, we get that 15 images is a lot and we’re grateful of course, but we can’t help but think where the likes of Tormund, Jorah, Bronn, Podrick, Gendry and the Greyjoys are. Could their omission from this batch of pictures be a sign of things to come for them in season 8?

Despite all of the buzz these images will stir up, we’re still lacking a trailer for season 8. Although, given the cataclysmic events that could transpire, as little detail about the new season before it airs could well be a blessing in disguise.

We certainly can’t wait for the new season but if you’re still chomping at the bit for more Game of Thrones news, check out our latest piece about the new spin-off show set to replace Game of Thrones here