Atlus’ Catherine: Full Body has received a lower review score than its ancestor despite fixing the original’s biggest issue.

Because they always gets the good Japanese games first, Atlus’ Catherine: Full Body comes out on Valentines Day in Japan before anywhere else. With its release over there imminent, it’s no surprise review scores are beginning to come out. However, what is shocking is that Famitsu gave it a lower rating than their score for the original Catherine released on the PlayStation 3 back in 2011.

In Famitsu magazine #1575, Catherine: Full Body (PS4, PS Vita) received a 9/8/8/8 [33/40] compared to the 2011 original’s 35/40. [email protected] has summarised Famitsu’s review with bullet points:

  • · The game takes an average of 20 hours to finish. Over 50 hours for completion.
  • · The scenes depicting relationship troubles from cheating are as high quality as ever, and creates anticipation for what will come next.
  • The puzzle parts are good, and the weak point of the previous game where they were too difficult has been resolved excellently.
  • People who are not good at the puzzles can opt to just enjoy the story.
  • The adjustments made are not only on the light side, but include the well-executed additions of higher difficulty puzzles and rankings.
  • The base part of the game is the same as the original, but the intrigue is kept with the addition of news characters and scenarios.
  • Keep an eye on the story.
  • The puzzle parts are based on the original game, but the relaxed time limit and other ways to alleviate the difficulty are pleasant.
  • Various UI elements and visual effects are particularly stylish.
  • It’s easy to play as a whole, and of a very good degree of quality for a remake.

With Famitsu stating that the “weak point of the previous game” has been resolved, and that the new characters add intrigue, it’s difficult to understand why Full Body didn’t receive a higher score than its ancestor. Still, it doesn’t really matter as despite Atlus mistakenly making the game extremely easy to complete, the “remake” sounds unmissable for both newcomers and Catherine casanovas.

Atlus’ newest trailer for Catherine: Full Body confirms that Vincent’s sexual dilemma launches in Korea and China on April 25. There’s no news of a western release date, but Atlus could potentially announce it at Sega Fes 2019.