Could tweet from C-3PO actor, Anthony Daniels, be teasing a title announcement or new trailer?

Anthony Daniels, the actor behind C-3PO in Star Wars has been up to his old antics on Twitter once again with a cryptic tweet that could well be teasing a possible title reveal or new trailer coming soon.

Obviously anything and everything to do with Star Wars is tightly under wraps so Daniels’ tweet could be teasing something huge.

The most likely announcement on the horizon is surely the title of Episode IX. 

The Force Awakens’ title was revealed 14 months prior to the film’s final release and The Last Jedi was announced as Episode VIII’s title 11 months before the film hit screens. Episode IX is therefore overdue in comparison.

However, I’m certain that a teaser trailer would also be gladly welcomed by fans who are eager to see what comes next in the Skywalker saga.

As Daniels says in his tweet, stay tuned for any and all breaking Star Wars news. 

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