Watch Super Bowl trailer for Jordan Peele's "Us"

Us dir. Jordan Peele 2019

The Super Bowl did well to remind audiences of Jordan Peele’s latest nightmare.

Jordan Peele is one of the most promising names to emerge within the horror genre for some time. His directorial feature-debut Get Out demanded attention in 2017, and frankly, continues to earn such consideration. Audiences expected that his second feature would continue to explore themes of race in a similar fashion, of which he was happy to clarify.

His latest film - Us - deals with a family whose vacation is shockingly disrupted by their horrifying mirror image. Here’s the latest trailer:

Genre fans have spent much time speculating the avenues and directions which Peele may explore with such a concept, and there are many. The filmmaker likely has a lot of surprises in store for us, of which we can begin to dissect once we’ve seen the film. He is a very intelligent writer, and we anticipate that his second effort will cement him as one of modern horror’s most exciting figures. Us will be unleashed on March 22, 2019.

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