A new mod for Square Enix’s Shadow Of The Tomb Raider recaptures Lara Croft’s youth and sex appeal.

Dark Side Of Gaming reports that modder Kotn3l has added a mod to Square Enix’s Shadow Of The Tomb Raider that recaptures Lara Croft’s sex appeal from Rise Of The Tomb Raider. Yes, so now PC gamers will no longer have to put up with a fatheaded Lara with 2K face textures and visible eye shadow.

The mod changes Lara’s face textures from Shadow’s 2K to Rise’s 4K. In addition, the modder has removed Lara’s visible eye shadow, as well added Rise Of The Tomb Raider’s eyebrow alpha map. Although this results in Lara regaining her youth and losing her stress lines, the mod only works in DX11, and users need Kaldaien’s Special K to enable the mod.

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider was one of 2018’s best games but a financial failure thanks to being released in the same month as Marvel’s Spider-Man. Leading up to its release, there was a bevy of silly complaints about Lara’s initial biceps and muscles, as apparently a lass who climbs for a living wouldn’t have bigger arms than most gamers. Still, if you want Lara’s face to look as realistic and detailed as it did in Rise, then this mod is perfect.

If you want to replay Shadow Of The Tomb Raider as a stunning Lara with an immaculate face free from stress lines, visible eye shadows, and 2K textures, then you can download the mod here (and Special K from here).