You will soon be able to collect all the Persona 5 Pop! Figures.

Game Idealist reports that the release date for Atlus’ and Funko’s Persona 5 Pop! Figures have been revealed and are now available to pre-order on Amazon in the US. The set includes Mona (Morgana), Skull (Ryuji), Panther (Ann), and The Phantom Thieves’ leader, Joker. You can click the links below to pre-order the figures:





There’s still no word on if we’ll be getting Queen (Makoto), Fox (Yusuke), or Oracle (Futaba) figures after launch, but hopefully we do along with some of the game’s best characters such as Sae, Akechi, and Shido.

The Phantom Thieves Pop! Figures will be released on June 24.

In other Persona news, Atlus has unfortunately confirmed that Persona Q2 won’t be coming to the Nintendo Switch as it will be a 3DS exclusive. Atlus are also confirmed for Sega Fes 2019 where they’ll hopefully reveal what Persona 5 R actually is and when it’s coming out, and there’s an amazing Phan game the community can download and play for free.