The fate of Suicide Squad 2 is sealed with negotiations of James Gunn at the helm.

Suicide Squad was considered one of the more divisive films of 2016. Directed by David Ayer (Fury, End of Watch), it took numerous DC Comics characters and reimagined them in ways that differed drastically from prior screen representations. The villainous team first appeared in September 1959, in issue twenty-five of The Brave and the Bold, so there were certain longstanding expectations in place for the film. 

Initial trailers teased a sincere, darker tone for the film, which completely contradicted the tone of subsequent promotional material. The final film conformed to the latter, favouring antics and humour, all scored to a generic pop-culture soundtrack. Some fans felt that it was a nice deviation from previous DC efforts, but the majority felt let down. Despite this, it seems like some characters will be back in more than just one outing.

As reported by Collider, the project is set to be in the hands of James Gunn. Famous for helming both Guardians of the Galaxy instalments, the filmmaker was urged to step down from the third film in the franchise after a series of offensive tweets were unearthed. However, it looks like he’s found a new band of misfits to direct. He’s actually a suitable fit for the upcoming sequel, and will hopefully instil it with a more rounded sense of humour. As for the direction of the series, we’ll have to wait and see when the film rolls around on August 2021 courtesy of Warner Bros. 

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