Lil Peep’s latest single, “I’ve Been Waiting” features childhood heroes Fall Out Boy and close friend and collaborator, Makonnen.

Lil Peep has been one of my favourite artists since I stumbled across his music on SoundCloud in early 2017. His music struck a chord with me that no other artist had in a decade, this was the first time I’d found angsty, grungy new music that seemed authentic.

I was devastated when he passed, aged just 21, in November 2017. His genre-bending, emotionally intimate and incredibly relatable music spoke to so many and it felt like his best years were yet to come. His posthumous releases have been met with mixed reviews; mainly due to the fact most of this music had been leaked or clipped up from Instagram Live videos and many fans are unhappy with final edits, some involving big changes, that he couldn’t oversee or cosign.

His latest release, I’ve Been Waiting, features his childhood heroes, Fall Out Boy, as well as frequent collaborator and close friend, Makonnen. It’s certainly more upbeat and positive than a lot of his earlier work. The track demonstrates Lil Peep’s ability to seamlessly genre hop, he can sing alongside Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy on this track and rap alongside Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa in Got Em Like without sounding out of place on either. 

The track, despite having been online for just an hour, has been met with very mixed reviews. Many are happy to hear new music, which has been few and far between. Others feel like this is an attempt to commercialise Peep’s sound, with some posthumous releases sounding more radio friendly and pop-influenced than anticipated. Some tweets below demonstrate the contrasting views of Peeps’ fan base.

Lil Peep had clearly refined his sound and was producing radio-ready hits. Prime examples of this are Hate Me (from his posthumous album, Come Over When You’re Sober Part 2) and his newly released I’ve Been Waiting, which feature clearer vocals and more radio friendly instrumentals and production. Despite all the criticism, I really like this track, it demonstrates how versatile and malleable Peep’s sound really was. If this track is anything to go by, I can’t wait to hear the rest of Peep and Makonnen’s collab album.