These new Batman Arkham Crisis rumours aren't too unbelievable

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The new rumours for Batman Arkham Crisis have been disregarded as "absolute nonsense", when in actuality they aren't too far-fetched.

PlayStation Lifestyle has reported the many rumours surrounding Warner Bros.' next apparent Batman game, Batman Arkham Crisis. While I do believe a new Arkhamverse game is coming out this year with The Court Of Owls as the main antagonists, the new rumours surrounding Arkham crisis have been dubbed as "absolute nonsense". These new leaks aren’t concrete in any way, but they’re not too unbelievable to be completely dismissed as hogwash.

The supposed leaks come from a very specific play-tester. Apparently, Batman Arkham Crisis has been in development for two years, and is planned to launch around Halloween 2019 to be a Game of the Year contender. Gotham City will also be larger than Grand Theft Auto V’s Los Santos, and players will be able to explore the infamous city of crime in the Batwing rather than the Batmobile.

In addition to all of this, the main campaign will be 12-hours long with each individual act being an hour. The side missions will also be longer than the ones in prior games, and there’ll be a separate co-op mode for mates to – presumably – team up as Batman and Robin (or Batman and Catwoman when playing with your girlfriend). Oh, and Warner Bros. have also repeated Christopher Nolan’s biggest mistake of showing the Dark Knight in daylight as there will be a day/night cycle.

Okay, there’s no way Gotham City is going to be larger than GTA V’s open-world, and I highly doubt there will be a day/night cycle for players to roam about as the DARK knight. However, the inclusion of a co-op mode/specific missions makes sense as it’s something fans have been demanding for years, and a 2019 release is plausible as Batman: Arkham Knight came out in 2015. I wouldn’t want to fly about or engage in combat with the Batwing, but its appearance could be seen by Warner Bros. as a way to make up for the Batmobile.

Batman Arkham Crisis is rumoured to launch around Halloween 2019, so – if true – expect a trailer and release date to be revealed at E3 2019. Warner Bros. are no doubt creating a Batman game, but fans should expect it to be from Warner Bros. Montreal rather than Rocksteady.

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