Nintendo are hiring for the next Legend Of Zelda game that might not be available on Nintendo Switch.

My Nintendo News reports that Nintendo are hiring for the next Legend of Zelda game. Sourced from Japanese Nintendo, the publisher are seeking a 3DCG Designer for dungeons, as well as a Level Designer for enemies, game events, and dungeons.

It’s hardly surprising that Nintendo are working on another Legend Of Zelda as it’s one of the company’s most beloved, renowned, and financially profitable franchises of all time; it’s a Nintendo staple just like Mario. However, Japanese Nintendo says there is no way of knowing if this next entry is for the Nintendo Switch or mobile devices. So, with Nintendo having said they want to focus more on games for smart devices (as well as movies), this next instalment isn’t 100% guaranteed to be available on the Switch. 

In other Nintendo news, Metroid Prime 4’s development has been rebooted, and the brilliant A Hat In Time might be joining the Switch’s ever-growing list of third-party games in 2019. Atlus will also likely confirm whether Persona 5 R is actually coming to the Switch at Sega Fes 2019, and Square Enix has announced voice actors and shown new footage of Dragon Quest XI: Echoes Of An Elusive Age S.