Dr. Martens Sex Pistols collaboration on the way

TEXAS The Sex Pistols performing live onstage at Randy's Rodeo Nightclub, San Antonio, during final tour on January 08 1978 L-R Johnny Rotten (John Lydon) Steve Jones

Dr. Martens have teamed up with the Sex Pistols on a new range.

Some rebellious footwear is headed our way. Dr. Martens recently announced that they have been working on some new designs with the Sex Pistols. The iconic punk band and the English footwear brand are certainly a great pairing, and fans of both are overjoyed with the announcement. 

As reported by NME, the shoes were inspired by the band's famous album artwork designed by the subversive Jamie Reid. The artist helped popularise the rough, ransom imagery featured on Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols, the band's 1977 classic. 

There are some really cool designs, and we can expect punk enthusiasts to be picking up quite a few pairs when they finally drop. Some of the more anarchistic designs entrenched in the genre are what we'd have expected, but the more simplistic, innovative designs have perhaps stolen more of our attention. Last year it was Joy Division and New Order which received the Dr. Martens treatment; these band's certainly share a certain spiritual history with the footwear brand. This latest range is bound to sell out fast.

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