Tory MP Suella Braverman calls on the Government to get on with Brexit, and receives a warm reception on Twitter.


Twitter users rallied behind a Conservative MP who called on the Government to complete Brexit and argued warnings about no-deal ‘should be taken with a pinch of salt.’ 

Speaking on BBC Question Time, Suella Braverman, the Tory MP for Fareham, said the Prime Minister must deliver on the result of the 2016 referendum when asked by an audience member if Theresa May will delay leaving the EU beyond March 29th

BBC QT presenter Fiona Bruce asked Ms Braverman whose fault it is that Brexit could be delayed. The Fareham MP replied: “A minority of self-appointed MPs who have never got over the result are trying to stop Brexit. That should never be allowed to happen.”

Shadow Housing Secretary John Heeley said the Government is in chaos and called on Parliament to take more control on the Brexit agenda. 

He said the need to delay Article 50 may have to become an option, but he urged the Prime Minister to shift the lines of her deal. He accused backbench MPs of “holding her hostage.”

LBC presenter Nick Ferrari received a rupture of applause when he accused MPs of losing “the will and respect”  of the British people by failing to agree a deal with the EU. 

Ms Braverman said the Labour minister’s argument for extending Article 50 is dangerous and could lead to the rise of the far-right. 

Observer journalist Sonia Sodha urged the Government to consider holding a second referendum. She said so much has changed since 2016, and warned that President Trump will not provide Britain with a free trade deal.

The Observer journalist also clashed with Ms Braverman over James Dyson’s decision to relocate to Singapore, accusing him of hypocrisy for supporting Brexit  and then announcing that he was moving jobs abroad. 

The Tory MP defended Mr. Dyson’s move  and called him ‘a success story.’ 

The Fareham MP received a favourable response on Twitter. One user said: 

 Another user tweeted: 

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