Resident Evil is getting a Netflix Original series, and James Wan is producing a movie based on Capcom’s seventh video game instalment.

Deadline (thanks, Dualshockers) reports that Netflix are planning to develop a Resident Evil TV series. Although details are scarce with it being unknown if it’ll follow the likes of Resident Evil 2’s Leon and Claire, the series will be a Netflix Original along with Henry Cavill’s The Witcher – a series the showrunners have already extended for another season.

The only plot related details shared by Deadline is that the series will “expand the Resident Evil universe and deepen the [existing] mythology,” and that the series will “explore the dark inner workings of the Umbrella Corporation and the new world order caused by the outbreak of the T-virus.” Deadline’s report also shares that the series will “incorporate all of Resident Evil’s signature elements,” including a boatload of easter eggs for series veterans to squeal over.

In addition to a Netflix series, James Wan (Insidious and The Conjuring) is producing a Resident Evil movie reboot based on Capcom’s seventh video game instalment. Scribed by Greg Russo, the movie will apparently take the series “back to the horror roots”, meaning the franchise will no longer be an over-the-top blockbuster designed to make Milla Jovovich look cool.

Netflix’s Resident Evil series seems to be in the very early stages of development, while the movie reboot is a bit further ahead with Johannes Roberts (The Strangers: Prey At Night, 47 Metres Down) taking the director’s seat.

In other Resident Evil news, Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 Remake launches today. If you’re thinking about attaining its platinum trophy on the PlayStation 4, then you’ll be happy to know the trophy list doesn’t appear too difficult.