Sony Santa Monica are hiring for the PlayStation’s inevitable God Of War sequel that is said to remain in Norse mythology.

Next to Marvel’s Spider-Man and Detroit: Become Human, Sony Santa Monica’s God Of War was primarily responsible for the PlayStation 4 having its best year for exclusives. Although Horizon: Zero Dawn was great, and Persona 5 was and still is the best current-gen JRPG, Cory Barlog and the rest of Sony Santa Monica surprised everyone by making Kratos so much more than a boorish brute who could do nothing but bark about revenge. So, with God Of War being a huge success that could’ve been even better, it’s no surprise the developers are hiring for its presumed sequel.

As reported by Gamingbolt, Sony Santa Monica’s Twitter page recently put up an update, saying they’re looking to “expand the family”. The multiple job openings on offer include Senior Combat Designer, Senior Narrative Animator, Technical Art Lead, Lead Level Designer, Senior Audio Programmer, and more. There’s no doubt that Sony will want to quickly capitalise on God Of War’s critical and financial success, so it makes sense Santa Monica are ramping up development for a sequel said to remain in Norse mythology.

While 2018 was an incredible year for Sony, 2019 could be even better. Death Stranding has been teased for this year by Hideo Kojima, Troy Baker (in a painful reminder he voiced the worst ever Final Fantasy character), and Best Buy, and a former IGN employee said The Last Of Us Part 2 is 100% confirmed for 2019. Meanwhile, a Red Dead Redemption 2 animator who previously worked with Naughty Dog on Uncharted and The Last Of Us has joined Sony’s new studio to work on a mysterious PS5 game that could very well be Uncharted 5 starring Nathan Drake’s daughter, Cassie.