Square Enix has supposedly lifted review embargoes for Kingdom Hearts 3, meaning newcomers will soon find out if it’s worth joining the bandwagon.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is only five days away. After waiting over a decade for a new instalment to hit major consoles rather than hand-held devices barely anyone plays, Square Enix’s darkest chapter in Sora’s saga is ready to be experienced. While I usually don’t vouch for pre-ordering games, Kingdom Hearts 3 is different to everything else. For me and many others, it’s a game that needs to be played to cap-off our childhood memories (regardless if it’s good or bad). But, for newcomers who want to know if the game is any good, Square Enix has apparently lifted review embargoes today.

According to VG247 and OpenCritic (thanks, TwistedVoxel), the review embargoes for Kingdom Hearts 3 lift today. This doesn’t necessarily mean every or any outlet will be posting their reviews today or tomorrow, as Square Enix’s finale is a large title filled with a ton of mini-games and exploration

VG247 reports that most European outlets and media haven’t received early review copies or codes. Although this could potentially mean Square Enix aren’t entirely confident about their game, their stinginess is more likely them being worried about potential spoilers.

Kingdom Hearts 3 launches January 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Spoilers have appeared on Twitter and YouTube, but Square Enix have saved the epilogue and secret ending for after launch day.

In other Kingdom Hearts 3 news, Square Enix have confirmed all 8 Disney worlds, as well as shown off all the keyblades. Sora’s voice actor hopes this isn’t the end of the series, and the Gummi ship segments are no longer a restrictive on-rail shooter.