A Red Dead Redemption 2 animator who previously worked at Naughty Dog has been recruited for possibly the next Uncharted on the PS5.

James Martincheck, an animator for Uncharted, The Last Of Us, and Red Dead Redemption 2, has been welcomed to PlayStation on Twitter by Quentin Cobb. Both Cobb and Martincheck have joined a new Sony studio that is working on a mysterious PS5 (most definitely) project previously touted as the ‘next chapter in cinematic storytelling’.

We don’t know what the mysterious game is as Cobb has been frustratingly coy when replying to comments, but it could possibly be the next Uncharted starring Nathan Drake’s daughter, Cassie. Although ‘next chapter’ is a vague buzzword that doesn’t necessarily mean the continuation of an established franchise, it is worth nothing that Cobb and Martincheck worked on Uncharted at Naughty Dog, so maybe they’ve been recruited to help spearhead the series’ future.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was marketed as the final game, but if another studio was to take over then the stakes would’ve been true for Naughty Dog only. With Sony owning the Uncharted license, any of their first-party studios can be appointed to capitalise on the epilogue that was clearly designed to continue the series with the revelation that Drake has a potty mouthed and free-spirited daughter.

In other Sony news, Death Stranding has been teased for 2019 by Hideo Kojima, Troy Baker, and Best Buy. As for Uncharted, another director has been hired for the movie starring Spider-Man’s Tom Holland as a young Nathan Drake.