You can soon try EA and BioWare’s Anthem for free to see if it is a delightful surprise or the Destiny clone we never wanted.

EA and BioWare are giving players the opportunity to play Anthem before it launches for consoles and PC on February 22. Players who have pre-ordered the game can experience the demo earlier, but rather than wasting your money to prematurely buy a product you’re unsure about, you can simply wait a few more days to test the unpredictable title for free.

Those who have pre-ordered Anthem can play the VIP demo from January 25 – 27. Meanwhile, for those are who unsure about pre-ordering a game that has been unconvincing in its marketing, gamers can simply test the title for free from February 1 – 3.

Both demos are identical in content, so you won’t gain anything by being a part of the VIP package. The demos have you starting from level 10, with the furthest you can level up to being 15. You’ll be able to explore the world to see if it’s as superficial and thin as it appears to be in the trailers, and you’ll also be able to complete story missions. None of your progress will carry over into the main game.

Anthem launches February 22 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. While it’s undoubtedly one of February’s biggest games, I’m massively unsure about it. The gameplay scarily resembles Mass Effect Online, the world, marketing, and everything about it feels unnatural, and it might not be as long as the main Mass Effect games.

In other EA related news, the controversial publisher has cancelled an open-world Star Wars game for a smaller scale project, meanwhile a Beta user for Media Molecule’s Dreams recreated the first Dead Space