Paramore’s Hayley Williams collaborates with American Football

Hayley Williams of Paramore performs at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival on June 8, 2018 in Manchester, Tennessee.

Hayley Williams of Paramore features on “Uncomfortably Numb”, the new single from American Football.

The Illinois rock band American Football are a beloved cult favourite of many early 2000s emo enthusiasts. Their self-titled debut studio album in 1999 is considered a modern classic in some circles, and its influential status is sung by many. The band actually broke up shortly after the album’s release, which certainly added to the subsequent cult following.

It was suspected for some time that this would be it; no more American Football. Fortunately, fans witnessed their long-awaited and unexpected return in 2014, with a second studio album coming in 2016. The time to make new material had finally come, and thankfully so. It was well-received critically, and contrary to what many initially assumed, we do not have to wait another seventeen years for a third LP. Their new single “Uncomfortably Numb” is here:

It’s a pretty wonderful track, and Hayley Williams’ voice compliments Mike Kinsella’s vocals and the group’s mellow, palatable instrumentation. The music video also works well with the cut, and provide exactly the sort of visuals we’d expect from American Football. They are considered by certain critics as one of the most important bands in emo, and it looks like they’re about to aid the revival of the genre. 

The band’s third album is expected to release on March 22, 2019. The record will feature eight tracks, the first of which - “Silhouettes” was released back in December. “Uncomfortably Numb” will also feature on their third forthcoming project.

If you’re into American Football, be sure to check out the new song from Bring Me the Horizon, “Mother Tongue”.

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