Bring Me The Horizon are back again with new song “Mother Tongue”.

It’s an important week for Sheffield band Bring Me the Horizon. Gradually, they have been releasing a selection of material from their forthcoming sixth studio album, Amo. The highly anticipated record is set to be with us at the end of the week, January 25, 2019.

Fortunately, it looks like they have decided to give us one last taster before the main course hits this Friday. Their new single, “Mother Tongue” teases an even lighter sound present on the album, which may be a shock for those who enjoyed “Medicine”, the band’s previous single taken from Amo. This is even more accessible, and with more material like this, Bring Me the Horizon are set to reach even greater heights than That’s the Spirit. Give the new track a listen here:

It’s similar in tone to “Follow You”, which featured on That’s the Spirit; both are essentially pop songs. This is no doubt going to disappoint some of the band’s more vocal fans, who have disfavoured the band’s gradual shift towards mainstream sensibilities. Those who began to enjoy the band only recently are more likely to connect with this more recent material.

Yet, previous songs from the album – “Mantra” and “Wonderful Life” (featuring Dani Filth) offered fans something a little heavier. So, there’s clearly a compromise to deliver what’s expected from their fanbase, as well as an attempt to honourably expand it. There are a total of thirteen tracks on Amo, and it would be sensible to expect the record to take wild, unexpected directions throughout. Bring Me the Horizon are about to be heard, loud and clear.

Be sure to check out our review of Amo on Friday, and if you haven’t already, give the new Foals single a listen: “Exits”.