A fan has created an amazing Persona 5 game that perfectly emulates Atlus’ trademark features.

Kotaku’s Luke Plunkett has discussed an unofficial – yet still amazing – Persona 5 board game that fans can download and play for free. Titled ‘The Unofficial Persona 5 Phan-Game (UP5P)’, the game is a short, 30-minute experience that perfectly emulates Atlus’ trademark features, and can be enjoyed alone or with a mate.

Created by Brother Ming, an amateur designer who also made his own Fire Emblem board game, the Unofficial Persona 5 Phan-Game is a clever recreation of Persona 5’s trademark features. With official art and graphics, the game focuses on a single palace, giving players a sole calendar month to defeat one of the main title’s bosses including Madarame, Kamoshida, and Okumura.

As in Persona 5, players must choose how to most wisely spend the day. You can either recruit confidants (Kawakami, Iwai, and Miishima) to gain perks, endure the hardships of school to increase social stats, or explore the palace and fight shadows in a desperate bid to reach the boss. However, rather than having to play as the main game’s protagonist, fans can control any member of The Phantom Thieves (meaning most people will probably choose to be ‘best girl’ Makoto). But, despite that bit of freedom, you’ll only be able to complete one activity a day before Morgana reminds you that you’re tired and need to sleep.

Similar to most other board games, you roll a dice to recruit confidants and battle shadows. If you don’t bolster your HP, SP, and amount of ammo you have available before exploring the palace, then you will be s**t out of luck as the shadows are naturally hard and plentiful.

Click here to download a print-and-play version of the game (if you’d prefer to play digitally, it’s also available on Tapletop Simuator).

In official Persona 5 news, Persona 5 R awaits more news in March, Funko has revealed a set of Pop! figures for the Phantom Thieves, and an Australian Classification rating suggests Atlus are bringing Persona Q2 to the west and Nintendo Switch.