YouTube is posting spoilerific videos for Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts 3 onto people’s recommended pages.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is only seven days away, and the community is terrified of Square Enix’s long-anticipated game being spoiled for them. While people who intentionally search for the leaks can’t reasonably cry about seeing the game’s biggest spoilers, YouTube is – unfortunately – ruining the game for everyone else by recommending videos with spoiler-heavy footage, titles, and thumbnails.

In a video uploaded by TheGamersJoint (a popular Kingdom Hearts aficionado whose channel is mostly dedicated to the series), fans have complained to him on Twitter about videos involving the final levels and bosses circulating around YouTube. As a massive Kingdom Hearts fan myself, I can confirm that I have also been recommended videos involving the final area, the last cut-scene, and the ‘secret’ boss fight.

It’s disappointing that after waiting more than a decade for Kingdom Hearts 3 (forget the canonical spin-offs on every console in existence), members of the community would purposefully upload even more videos before launch pertaining to gameplay, cut-scenes, and the biggest spoilers (i.e. the end). Not only that, but they include the spoilers in the thumbnails and titles, making it impossible to be ignorant for those who don’t even watch the footage.

Kingdom Hearts 3 launches January 29 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It’s only seven days away, but with spoilers all over the internet it’s going to be an agonisingly long wait for all of us

In non-spoilerific Kingdom Hearts 3 news, Square Enix has confirmed all 8 Disney worlds, as well as shown off a returning Drive Form in the newest trailer. Sora’s voice actor has also said he hopes this isn’t the end of the series, and all the stunning keyblades have been revealed by Square Enix. And, if you hated the Gummi Ship segments in past instalments, you’ll be happy to know they are now open and explorable areas filled with treasure and missions.