Are Atlus bringing Persona Q2 to the Nintendo Switch with Persona 5?

Persona Q2

A classification rating suggests Atlus are bringing Persona Q2 to the Nintendo Switch with Persona 5.

NintendoLife reports that Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth has received an M rating from the Australian Classification Board. While fans will understandably be excited about this essentially confirming a western release at some point, the community should also be pumped about the possibility of Atlus bringing it to the Nintendo Switch with Persona 5.

The classification shows Persona Q2 has received an M rating for including mild themes, violence, language, and nudity, along with moderate sex. However, the most interesting part is the game being listed as ‘Multi Platform’. This suggests that in the west Persona Q2 could be available on the Nintendo Switch in addition to the 3DS.

While I would be over the moon if another spin-off to one of my favourite series came to the PlayStation 4, the Nintendo Switch is the only likely platform it could additionally be released on. Atlus have heated up their relationship with Nintendo by allowing Persona 5’s Joker to be a DLC combatant in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and there are heavy rumours about Persona 5 R joining the Switch’s collection of third-party titles.

Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth is a sequel to Persona Q: Shadow Of The Labyrinth. Rather than replicating the series’ anime look and feel, the Q titles are spin-offs which recast the franchise’s protagonists in a chibi art style. Although the dungeon-crawling is excellent, the highlight of the games is the pure fanservice of seeing the franchise’s most iconic groups interacting. No Persona fan can deny wanting to see the likes of Ann speak girl language with Yukari and Yukiko, as well as see Ryuji argue with Junpei and Kanji.

There’s no official western release date for Persona Q2, but the Australian Classification rating suggests it will eventually come and be available on multiple platforms. In other Persona 5 news, protagonist Joker is joining the sexy and terrifying romantic horror Catherine: Full Body as a playable character, and Persona 5 R has been confirmed for the PlayStation 4 with more news awaiting in March.

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