God Of War’s director has revealed that Kratos’ return had ‘so many more’ crazy and massive boss fights.

Director Cory Barlog has revealed that – despite winning Game Of The Year at Geoff Keighley’s Game AwardsGod Of War could’ve been even better.

In an interview with NoClip, Barlog said that he and the rest of the team at Sony Santa Monica had to cut ‘a lot of’ boss fights:

“We cut a lot of bosses. A lot. We had so many more. It was a much more ambitious, crazier game. And as you go through development, you start realising, “No, it’s too big, we can’t do this. One boss takes like 30 developers a year and a half. It’s an absolutely massive scale when you really consider it, and you measure it against other games in which we finished the game in a year and a half.”

Although it’s slightly disappointing we never got to witness these crazy and massive battles, God Of War was still an amazing game. Sony Santa Monica and Cory Barlog achieved the unthinkable in making Kratos so much more than a roided-out Neanderthal who always complained about his daddy, Zeus.

Along with discussing the boss fights cut during development, Barlog has previously admitted that the studio’s major DLC plans were also dropped due to being ‘too ambitious’. With God Of War having been a critical darling and financial success, hopefully these dropped ideas can be used for the sequel that remains in Norse Mythology.

2018 was an amazing year for Sony thanks to Marvel’s Spider-Man, Detroit: Become Human, and God Of War, but 2019 could be even better. Troy Baker and Hideo Kojima have both hinted that Death Stranding could be coming out this year, and a former IGN journalist has said The Last Of Us Part 2 is ‘100%’ confirmed for 2019.