Atlus has made Catherine: Full Body easy so anime fans can pick their waifu without having to use their brain.

As noted by Persona Central, Atlus Japan has revealed new details about Catherine: Full Body’s difficulty options. For anime fans who just want to watch the saucy cutscenes and pick their waifu without having to use their brain, the information provided is good news.

Unlike the original Catherine Classic, even gamers who hate puzzles will be able to complete Catherine: Full Body. Yes, despite being integral to the story’s themes, all of the puzzle sequences will be skippable on ‘Safety’ mode.

If you’d like to experience the puzzles without being challenged, then you will be able to disable game over or let autoplay do all the work.

While this is good news for some, most gamers will undoubtedly ignore these new features. Although a lot of people complained about the original Catherine being too hard even on normal difficulty, it was the challenge that made the journey and its culmination so satisfying.

Catherine: Full Body will be released in Japan on Valentines Day. There’s no news of a Western release date, but you can easily download the Japanese demo to experience the game’s first two days. If you have already played the original Catherine, then you’ll still want to buy the Full Body expansion as there will be ‘rearranged’ puzzles, new cutscenes, and the option to control Persona 5’s Joker.