Square Enix has revealed the biggest spoilers for Kingdom Hearts 3 will be added during launch week.

As reported by Eurogamer, Square Enix has confirmed the epilogue and secret ending for Kingdom Hearts 3 will be added during launch week. In a statement back in December 2018, director Tetsuya Nomura responded to the supposed leaks on Twitter by revealing the biggest spoilers are not on the disc as the game’s epilogue and special movie will be released at a “later date”.

Square Enix has now outlined their schedule for updates. On January 29, patch 1.01 will add the Memory Archive videos (an ‘hours long’ recap of the Kingdom Hearts series so you can at least try to know who is who). The epilogue movie will be added to the game on January 30, and the month will culminate with the addition of the ‘secret’ ending on January 31.

With HUGE chunks of Kingdom Hearts 3 said by the community to have been leaked on Twitter, it was a wise decision by Tetsuya Nomura to not include the epilogue and ‘secret’ ending on the disc. As to what these additional movies will include, all Square Enix has said is they will “enhance our enjoyment of Kingdom Hearts.”

Kingdom Hearts 3 finally releases for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 29. There’s no multiplayer or any ‘surprise’ Disney worlds, but the game looks amazing with its confirmed boss fights, summons, and incredibly detailed range of keyblades. In other Kingdom Hearts 3 news, the PS4 trophy list has been leaked and (without giving away any spoilers) it doesn’t look too difficult to platinum.