Trap artist Kevin Fret murdered at 24

Kevin Fret "Diferente" music video

The Puerto Rican artist was shot several times and pronounced dead in hospital on January 10, 2019.

Kevin Fret was on the rise and likely had an exciting career ahead of him. He released his breakthrough single “Soy Asi (I’m Like This)” April 7, 2018, and subsequently appeared on Mike Duran’s “Diferente” a few months later on July 18, 2018. Although the artist was without the aid of extensive material for listeners to easily access, he certainly made an impact.

Kevin Fret was the first Latin trap artist to publicly embrace his homosexuality, and creatively incorporate his sexuality into his image and music. Of course, this proved controversial, and last year while in Miami Fret was charged with battery; the artist emphasised that the damage he inflicted was in self-defence after he was attacked for his sexuality. 

The music video for “Diferente” boasts over two-million views and features the artist expressing himself, embracing his sexuality and representing himself in a manner unconventional in the trap scene. He is certainly most famous for his style, and would likely have continued to draw in audiences with the release of further singles and visual accompaniments.

Sadly, he was rushed to hospital after being shot several times by an unidentified gunman. Fret was riding his motorcycle in Santurce, San Juan when he was suddenly murdered in a hail of bullets. It’s certainly upsetting news, and his rising fanbase have taken to social media to express their deepest condolences.

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