Sam Smith is back again, and this time he’s brought company.

The English singer-songwriter Sam Smith is treating fans once again with yet another new single. Last month he released the song “Fire on Fire”, written for the Watership Down mini-series which aired over Christmas. It was a beautiful ballad, and one of Smith’s best efforts to date. However, it seems that he has no intention to lay dormant, and has surprised us with an unexpected duet.

He has just released “Dancing With A Stranger”, a new song he has performed with Fifth Harmony’s Normani

Of course, it’s what you’d expect, but when talking about Sam Smith this isn’t necessarily a negative. The artist has set the bar very high for himself and has maintained success with studio efforts In the Lonely Hour and The Thrill of It All since 2012. There are no signs of slowing; if these recent singles are anything to go by then his next record will be yet another monumental feat.

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The artist’s fans have already heralded it a delightful duet, and the vocal performances of both artists do well to compliment one another. The collaboration occurred when the artists began working in studios next door to each other – it seems they just couldn’t resist coming together to combine their talents. It’s a good job they did, as fans are loving it. They’ve assured admirers that a video for the song is on the way, and in other video news, check out these stunning visuals for Troye Sivan’s “Lucky Strike”.