Lexar is the first to market with a 1TB SD card this year, despite SanDisk announcing they would do the same in 2016 but not doing so.

American tech manufacturer Lexar has announced the launch of a 1TB SD card this – news that will no doubt have photographers the world over stood with arms aloft. Rival SanDisk announced that it would release one back in 2016 but never actually did go to market, meaning Lexar is the first firm in the world to do so.

The Lexar Professional 633x is classified as Ultra High Speed-I, rather than II, which means it has a maximum transfer speed of 95 MB/s. The news comes just 15 years after Lexar announced it was to release its first-ever 1GB SD card, highlighting the hurtled rate of innovation the company has overseen in the past 20 years.

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