The latest cinematic adaptation of Dune continues to build an impressive cast.

Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel is a science-fiction classic and has a reputation unparalleled in the genre. It has won numerous awards and sold an overwhelming amount of copies worldwide; it continues to draw in readers to this very day. Many will have read the book, and if not, they may have seen David Lynch’s 1984 film adaptation. Sadly, the director expressed after its release that he had little control over the project, and this certainly shows in the final product.

The film was poorly received by critics and fans of both Lynch and Herbert’s work, with Lynch establishing distance from the project as a piece not entirely his own. Despite this disaster, lovers of the literature continued to imagine a truly satisfying adaptation, and they may finally get one. 

Dune is due to be adapted once again, courtesy of yet another accomplished filmmaker. This time, director Denis Villeneuve will be at the helm, which is probably the best news any fans could ask for. The French Canadian creative is one of the most critically lauded in the realm of modern science-fiction cinema, recently bringing to the screen 2016’s Arrival and 2017’s Blade Runner 2049. Both have proved that Villeneuve has quite the imagination, and the idea of him tackling Herbert’s novel is extremely exciting, especially with an already strong cast. The latest addition is none other than Stellan Skarsgård:


The actor is a regular collaborator of Danish provocateur Lars von Trier and has turned in great performances in Dogville, Melancholia and Nymphomaniac. News from The Hollywood Reporter confirms that he will be playing Dune’s villain, Baron Harkonnen, and will star alongside the likes of Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson and Dave Bautista. The ensemble is already shaping up to be something superb, and we cannot wait for more casting news. Thankfully, additional news of the project is equally as exciting.

Villeneuve has co-written the script with Eric Roth (Forrest Gump) and Jon Spaihts (Prometheus), and filming is likely to begin later this year. It may come as a surprise that Roger Deakins will not be the film’s cinematographer. His work on Blade Runner 2049 was incredible, and it’s a shame he’s not returning for Villeneuve’s latest sci-fi epic; however, Greig Fraser is on board. He has worked on Foxcatcher and Zero Dark Thirty – both look fantastic, so hopes are even higher for Dune. For more exciting film news, check out this latest project from actress Margot Robbie.