The immensely popular brand Supreme may have an intriguing collaboration with Slipknot on the way.

The nu-metal band fronted by Corey Taylor – also of Stone Sour – made a substantial impact on the face of metal music with their self titled studio-debut in 1999. With tracks like “Eyeless”, “Wait and Bleed” and “Spit it Out”, the group demanded attention, all of it, and they continued to attract listeners throughout their career in the twenty-first century. The band’s sophomore effort Iowa solidified their status as modern metal icons; they continued to prove themselves, and are currently considered one of the most important metal bands of the last twenty years. With five studio albums, Slipknot have proven to take their time with projects, and it seems they have done so with their latest rumoured venture.

Although Slipknot are reportedly working on new material, a forthcoming record is not what we are alluding to. For two decades now the group have made an impact on their fans with their shocking appearance. Their live shows are aided with the spectacle of wild costuming, and the band are synonymous with masks and unconventional uniform; so, this rumoured collaboration with fashion brand Supreme is startling, yet also rather brilliant. 

The Supreme skateboarding shop and brand arose in New York City and has come a long way since its establishment in 1994. The Supreme logo is iconic and has become overwhelmingly popular with those invested in fashion and cultural trends. To cut a long story short, the brand is nothing short of a global phenomenon. People flock to pay huge amounts of money for brand exclusives and limited editions; what began as a skate shop is now a billion-dollar business venture, extending the niche and appealing to the masses.

According to superfan – of which there are many – J @DropsByJay on Twitter, Slipknot are collaborating with Supreme on a new range. Check out the tweet below:

Although this isn’t an official announcement from Supreme, the account has a whopping 129,000 followers and has consistently delivered news of exclusives and insider information in the past. As expressed, we can hope to expect a range of fashion items for release as late as Summer 2019. Fans of both have raced to social media to express their sheer excitement at the prospect, and have already begun to speculate designs.

It’s difficult to know what to expect, but the two forces are hopefully hard at work on something truly spectacular, perhaps deranged, and as iconic as the creators themselves. 

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