FoxNet don't understand why Alien: Isolation was special

Alien Isolation 2

When defending Alien: Blackout, FoxNet seemingly implied Alien: Isolation 2 is not being made because Amanda Ripley was the star rather than the gameplay.

FoxNet continues to disappoint Alien: Isolation fans. With Alien: Blackout confirmed to be a mobile game, and Cold Iron Studios’ contribution to the lore being an MMO shooter, the long-awaited sequel seemed destined to be a dream that would never materialise. Now we unfortunately have confirmation Alien: Isolation 2 is not being made.

Reported by Gamingbolt, TQ Jefferson, VP of external development at FoxNet, recently conducted an interview with Variety. Aware about the backlash and comparisons to Blizzard’s infamous reveal for Diablo: Immortal, Jefferson defended Alien: Blackout’s existence:

“I can see some people making a connection between ‘Diablo’ and this, but I think it’s a bit of a leap. The ‘Diablo’ backlash was focused on free-to-play and mobile, our game is a premium mobile game where you pay one price and your done. It’s a contained experience.”

Jefferson also mentioned he’s aware of the demand for Alien: Isolation 2, but insisted “We can tell more stories about Amanda Ripley without it being an ‘Isolation’ game.”

Although it’s good to hear Alien: Blackout is a ‘premium’ game, it’s still a mobile title. No matter how much the industry attempts to force a transition away from consoles and PC, mobile games are always going to be prematurely judged as fodder to be played on the toilet.

As for Jefferson’s comments about an ‘Isolation’ sequel not being necessary, the reason Creative Assembly’s game is revered as one of the best survival horror titles is because of the gameplay and immersion. Instead of demanding more Amanda Ripley, fans are craving another AAA, first-person and single-player experience with an emphasis on stealth and unpredictable AI. Simply including Ellen Ripley's daughter isn't going to convince Alien: Isolation fans to want Alien: Blackout. 

Alien: Blackout will be released for iOS on January 24. If you’re understandably upset about it being a mobile game, then you might be more interested in Cold Iron Studios’ MMO shooter for consoles and PC. But, as of right now, Alien: Isolation 2 is an unlikely fantasy as FoxNet seem to think Amanda Ripley was the star rather than the gameplay. 

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