Will Persona 5 join Atlus' Catherine Classic on PC?

Catherine Classic PC

With Catherine Classic all of a sudden released on Steam, could Sega also fulfil their wish of bringing Atlus' Persona 5 to PC?

As reported by VG247, Atlus’ Catherine has just been made available on Steam. Called ‘Catherine Classic’, the port is the original version rather than the Full Body expansion coming out in Japan on Valentines Day. Although PC gamers unfortunately won’t have the luxury of picking between three Catherines and playing as Bond Villain Boss, the exciting news is that the ‘master race’ now has one of the decade’s sexiest and most absurd titles. And could Persona 5 be about to join it? 

To celebrate the launch of Catherine Classic, Sega said, "We wanted to give the PC audience the opportunity to experience Catherine for the first time as it was originally released. And Catherine Classic is the perfect way to accomplish that goal."

With Catherine Classic all of a sudden coming to PC, could Person 5 join it on Steam? While Persona 5 R has been confirmed for the PlayStation 4 and is heavily rumoured for the Nintendo Switch, a PC launch (original or expanded) would be amazing. It’s one of the best JRPGs of the current-gen, and Sega said back in 2017 it was on their list of Atlus titles to bring to PC as it'd be 'incredible' for the community. 

Catherine Classic is available now on Steam for £14.99/$19.99. It doesn’t have Rin or Persona 5’s Joker, but it’s still a must-play for PC loyalists.

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