Steve Coogan’s Alan Partridge is Back on Screens Next Month

Steve Coogan attends a special screening of 'Stan & Ollie' at The Soho Hotel on January 8, 2019 in London, England.

Steve Coogan has confirmed that the cringe-inducing wit of Alan Partridge will return to televisions this February.

Coogan is certainly a very talented individual and has become widely known for his talents as an actor and stand-up comedian. His career has been providing laughter and satirical commentary since the 1980s, and since the early 2000’s he has risen to prominence as an actor, impressing audiences significantly with his portrayal of Tony Wilson in 2002’s 24 Hour Party People. He and director Michael Winterbottom would become frequent collaborators and have actually worked together recently on forthcoming film Greed, which is billed as a satire on the wealthy elite. However, the star has something even more exciting in store.

The actor’s most iconic character is the parodical Alan Partridge, a television and radio presenter hell-bent on self-promotion. The BBC series was incredibly popular and remains a television favourite for many of us today. It even spawned a 2013 feature-length incarnation, which was well received by critics and audiences alike; yet, his return to television is a much more satisfying proposition. After two series, we finally have a third.

In an interview with Marc Maron on the WTFpodcast, Coogan informed that Partridge would be back on BBC this February, with some intriguing changes. The bumbling presenter will be co-hosting the daytime chat show This Time - somewhat of a satirical dissection of The One Show. Audiences will be pleased to hear that this isn’t a singular spin-off, as we’ll be getting a full six episodes. One episode is set to tackle the #metoo movement, and it would be wise to expect Partridge’s take on other modern talking points also. Watching Coogan in character skewering current trending topics certainly sounds like great television, and you can get the full details here direct from the podcast:

This Time looks like it will provide Partridge with a platform to naively weigh in with hot opinions, and there has never been a better time for Coogan to equip himself with new material. We can anticipate six episodes of provocative, hilarious and essential viewing headed our way this February. In other exciting television news, read up on the plans for Game of Thrones prequel right here!

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