Does Kingdom Hearts 3 have co-op or competitive multiplayer?

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Multiplayer for Kingdom Hearts 3 was once rumoured, so does Square Enix and Disney’s finale actually contain an online mode?

Square Enix and Disney’s Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming out in just twenty days. With most of us having waited for over a decade, it’s still incredibly hard to believe. No matter how much we look forward to being silly kids gushing over Disney characters and lush worlds, we won’t stop believing its impending release is a hoax until we’re actually able to control Sora and yell at Donald for being the world’s most incompetent wizard. With Kingdom Hearts 3 being a visual and technical improvement over its predecessors, does it also boast multiplayer for the first time?

No, is the answer. There isn’t any co-op or competitive multiplayer in Kingdom Hearts 3. Although it was speculated a couple of years ago thanks to an employee’s resume, a multiplayer mode hasn’t come to fruition. This isn’t surprising seeing as none of the previous instalments entertained the idea of gamers playing together online.

A trailer has confirmed Riku will be a playable character, so the lack of a co-op mode is slightly disappointing. The option to allow one of your mates to control Donald would have been nice seeing as the ill-tempered duck is an infamous meme for being a useless lackey. A multiplayer mode could still happen seeing as Final Fantasy XV received one after launch, but you probably shouldn’t hold your breath.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 29, 2019. Its PlayStation 4 trophy list has just been leaked, and - without giving away any spoilers - fans will be happy to see that it looks like a relatively easy platinum. There’s no ‘surprise’ Disney worlds, but the community has a lot of confirmed bosses, summons, and levels that’ll make up for Square Enix’s most hated tribute in Kingdom Hearts 2.

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